ActionSA demands action as corruption allegations cast shadow over Northern Cape

Northern Cape Premier Zamani Saul. File picture: Danie van der Lith / Independent Newspapers

Northern Cape Premier Zamani Saul. File picture: Danie van der Lith / Independent Newspapers

Published Nov 27, 2023


ActionSA in the Northern Cape has criticised Premier Zamani Saul’s lack of decisive measures to tackle corruption that was casting a shadow over the province’s governance system, saying that failure to act on it revealed a stark contrast between the government's anti-corruption rhetoric and its actual implementation.

This is as the party calls for an immediate and impartial investigation into the allegations against Johnny MacKay, head of the Roads and Public Works Department in the Northern Cape.

In a statement, ActionSA’s Andrew Louw said the precautionary suspension of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Bradley Slingers, at the Northern Cape Department of Roads and Public Works raised concerns over the lack of transparency and accountability in the province.

Slingers was put on suspension after allegations of corruption were made against him. An investigation is under way.

Louw applauded the efforts by MacKay against Slingers but also raised concerns about his integrity in handling the matter, given his corruption allegations.

“We question the integrity of Mackay, who himself faces allegations of corruption. ActionSA welcomes this gesture of accountability while simultaneously raising concerns about MacKay's own ethical standing amid the ongoing investigation,” he said.

He called on the Public Works Roads and Transport Department to officially request the premier suspend MacKay, pending the outcome of the corruption investigation.

He added that his worry was rooted in the provincial government's inconsistent response to corruption allegations involving MacKay.

This is despite numerous calls for action from Saul to hold corrupt officials responsible for their actions.

Louw said the people of the Northern Cape deserved a transparent and accountable government led by individuals who prioritise public interests over personal and political motives. “The sluggish response to corruption within government departments erodes public trust and hampers the province's progress,” he said.

Furthermore, he called on Saul to demonstrate strong leadership, address the concerns of the people, and decisively combat corruption within the Northern Cape administration.

Louw vowed to picket outside Saul’s office should he fail to respond to the matter within 48 hours.