WATCH: RAF improves customer service with a new contact centre

Published Dec 20, 2023


The Road Accident Fund declared 2023 the “Year of the Claimant”. with the intent of focusing on customer centricity to empower road users with information about road safety and knowing their rights when lodging a claim, among other transformational changes.

In an effort to fast-track and shorten customer response times, the RAF has launched a new call contact number, 087 820 1 111, through which consultants will be able to streamline queries regarding the RAF’s product offerings.

They have also created a YouTube playlist to educate motorists regarding tyre maintenance:

While the RAF has committed itself to finalising claims within 120 days from the date of lodgement, claimants are urged to know their rights when undertaking this process or seeking the services of an attorney to do so on their behalf.

All road accident victims and claimants are urged to use the RAF 1 and RAF 3 Forms which are available on the RAF’s website at: www.raf.coza.

The RAF 1 Claim Form must be completed by the claimant, or by a duly authorised representative on behalf of the claimant. The lodgement of a valid Claim Form and supporting documents is important for a claimant because it serves to interrupt prescription of the claim and informs the RAF of what is being claimed as well as setting out the basis of the claim, to allow the RAF to investigate and pay the claim. The information furnished in the Claim Form and the listed supporting documents that must accompany the Claim Form will enable the RAF to effectively and efficiently administer the claim.

The RAF 3 Form is a prescribed form used to furnish the RAF with details of the motor vehicle involved in an accident. The driver of the motor vehicle involved in the accident, and the owner if the driver is not the owner, are by law required to each complete, sign and submit the RAF 3 Form within 14 days from the date of the accident if reasonably possible.

For more information on the RAF’s payment of compensation, any legal costs and interest (if applicable), call the RAF on 087 820 1 111.

Follow the RAF on Instagram: @raf_road; X: @RAF_SA; or Facebook: @Road Accident Fund.

The RAF can also be reached through its offices countrywide, details of which are available on its website: