WATCH: Brazen hijacking at Durban petrol station caught on camera

A screenshot from a carjacking at a petrol station in Montclair.

A screenshot from a carjacking at a petrol station in Montclair.

Published Feb 22, 2024


Police in KwaZulu-Natal are hunting for two men who hijacked a man at a Durban petrol station earlier this week.

The video of the incident was caught on the petrol station's closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

In the clip, the motorist is standing at the petrol station window and his blue BMW is parked in a nearby parking bay.

There are other vehicles parked at filling stations and a petrol attendant and another man nearby, they appear to be in conversation.

The suspects approach the man and the first suspect pulls out a firearm and the pair seem to get into a verbal altercation. He then assaults the driver in the face, while his accomplice forces another man, nearby, to the ground.

A screenshot from a carjacking at a petrol station in Montclair.

The armed suspect is seen accosting the motorist

With the first suspect already inside the BMW, the second suspect can be seen going through the vehicle owner’s pockets

The suspects are seen driving off in the BMW

The first suspect forces the BMW owner to sit down and appears to search the man's pockets for the vehicle keys. He walks off and gets into the driver's side of the BMW and starts the car. The second suspect then approaches the BMW owner and also searches through his pockets before walking to the passenger side of the vehicle and getting inside, and they drive off.

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson, Colonel Robert Netshiunda, confirmed that a case of carjacking is under investigation.

“Montclair police are investigating a case of carjacking following an incident in which a 28-year-old man was reportedly robbed of his vehicle on Tuesday, February 20, on Roland Chapman Drive in Montclair. It is alleged that a man was at the garage when he was accosted by two armed men who, at gunpoint, robbed him of his belongings and drove off,” he said.