Black Friday - Five ways you can stretch your rands and get the best deals

Black Friday is a busy shopping day, so consumers should prepare themselves ahead of time, which will allow for a smooth shopping experience. Picture: Pexels

Black Friday is a busy shopping day, so consumers should prepare themselves ahead of time, which will allow for a smooth shopping experience. Picture: Pexels

Published Nov 21, 2023


Black Friday is bound to be the busiest shopping day in South Africa as consumers wait in long lines both online and in store for the best deals.

Along with it being a busy day, there are also crowds of people waiting in lines to enter shops, which can result in a lot of chaos.

As Black Friday rolls around on November 24, shoppers should not only be mindful of the chaos but also aware of the best deals on offer and smart about the way that they do their shopping.

These are a few tips to ensure that you survive Black Friday this year:

Do your research

Many stores will advertise different specials; however, if you don’t know what the cost of things is at other stores, you could be deceived into thinking that the special is indeed a special.

So do your research before you go to the grocery store, and don’t be fooled by ‘sale’ or ‘special’ signs. Added to that, by doing the research, you will know where to get the best discounts, so you can save as much money as possible.

Instead of driving from shop to shop or waiting in long lines in different shops, by doing your research, you can see if you can do all of your shopping in one store.

Loyalty and rewards programmes

Many South African retailers offer consumers some sort of loyalty or rewards programmes. These programmes can allow consumers to receive a discount on items or an even further discount on reduced items. Some retailers will also let consumers redeem the points that they have collected against items that they are going to purchase.

Consumers must remember to carry their store loyalty or rewards card with them and to use the cards when they are shopping online.

Stick to your budget

Before the craze of Black Friday shopping, consumers should create a budget to avoid overspending. People need to remember that their budget should have enough money for everything on their list as well as some essentials that they find along the way.

Consumers need to be disciplined and stick to their budget on Black Friday. They can do this by prioritising their needs and not being tempted by the wants.

Have a list

Your first step is to create a list of items that you want to buy on Black Friday. Then take it a step further by looking at the different stores and then comparing the prices of the items that you need to buy. This will help you find the best deal for the items that you need to buy.

Be prepared

Get to the stores early because the earlier you arrive, the earlier you get access to the different stores. If you arrive late, there will be long lines to follow.

You should also go shopping on Black Friday with a good friend or a relative, like your mother or your sister, so they can wait in the long line while you go around and shop for groceries.

Consumers need to keep in mind that many places will be busy, so they should be prepared to wait. There will be long lines to get into stores and long lines at the checkout, so either way, you will be waiting.

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