Need an armoured Land Cruiser bakkie? SVI announces new semi-discreet package

Published May 24, 2022


Johannesburg-based armoured vehicle specialist SVI has announced a new version of its popular B6 Stopgun V2.0 package.

Designed specifically for the Toyota Land Cruiser 79, the new offering was designed to appeal to customers seeking an even more comprehensive package than the semi-discreet kits for the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger bakkies, which are popular with security industry customers.

This upgraded semi-discreet level B6 kit can be fitted to both single cab an double cab Toyota Land Cruiser 79 bakkies. It claims to offer protection against assault rifles, including AK47 and R1 rifles.

But what sets this package apart from SVI’s other Stopgun V2.0 packages? According to the company, it offers full firewall protection, with the resulting armouring process requiring the temporary removal of the dashboard. The new package also upgrades to full ballistic overlaps around the entirety of each door aperture, including the floor and sides.

As with the company’ other Stopgun V2.0 packages, this latest variation is fitted with unobtrusive integrated door armour rather than the widely used double-door system, along with suitably upgraded hinges.

Additionally, each window frame is fitted with flat armoured glass, which enhances the structural integrity of the doors and allows for fuss-free replacement should any damage be sustained during an attack.

Further to that, the Land Cruiser’s roof, front fenders and all pillars boast B6 bullet-resistant protection, as does the under-bonnet battery and ABS unit.

The standard package comes with a split windscreen design, but the curved glass windscreen seen in the pictures is available as an optional extra. A bullbar and ballistic grille combo is also available to customers.

A front suspension upgrade is part of the deal too, and the company also fits gunports as standard, although the latter can be deleted from the package.

In terms of cost, the upgraded Stopgun V2.0 Plus package still costs R150 000 less than the company’s B6 discreet solution, and benefits from a short build time of just six weeks.

Buyers can expect to pay from R384 950 for the single cab package and R549 950 for the double cab equivalent.

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