‘Extreme’ new Defender OCTA teased with twin-turbo V8

Published Mar 26, 2024


JLR is getting ready to unleash the most extreme Defender yet.

The new OCTA performance model, named after the ‘octahedron’ shape of a diamond, will not only be the most powerful and luxurious Defender ever but it will also usher in a trick new suspension system.

Whereas the current Defender V8 utilises the firm’s old supercharged mill, with a not inconsiderable 386kW on offer, the OCTA will join its Range Rover stablemates in utilising a BMW-sourced 4.4-litre twin-turbo unit.

For now they’re not saying how powerful the Defender OCTA will be, but it will surely be in the same ballpark as the Range Rover Sport SV, which currently offers 467kW.

JLR says the OCTA will be capable of “extreme performance across all terrains” and to enable that there’s a new 6D Dynamics air suspension system that’s said to offer an “unparalleled breadth of capability, comfort and composure” when on the road or off the beaten track.

According to the carmaker, its hydraulic interlinked 6D Dynamics technology features an innovative pitch and roll control system that will enable Defender OCTA to maintain a near-level stance during acceleration, braking and cornering on-road, while also maximising independent wheel travel and articulation across the most demanding off-road terrain.

To prove it all works, the new model is currently undergoing the most intense development and testing process of any Defender model in history, with prototypes being put through their paces on a variety of terrains from Swedish ice to Dubai desert, Moab rock crawls and Nürburgring tarmac.

“Defender has been synonymous with all-terrain capability with a bloodline tracing back to the Series 1 in 1948. New Defender OCTA will take this to another level, with a dramatic stance, innovative technology and unparalleled attention to detail,” said Defender Managing Director Mark Cameron.

“With astounding performance and a bold new attitude, it will enable our clients to master epic adventures in heightened luxury.”

We can’t wait to see the finished product.

IOL Motoring