A Volkswagen Amarok built to withstand rifles: SVI announces discreet B6 package

Published Feb 19, 2024


SVI Engineering has revealed a new B6 discreet armouring package for the second-generation Volkswagen Amarok double cab bakkie.

Joining the B4 protected Amarok, which offers protection against hand guns, the B6 bakkie was designed to withstand assault rifles such as the AK47, R1 and R5.

The Pretoria-based manufacturer is offering its new B6 package at R825,681 excluding VAT, which is a R280,000 premium over the B4 model.

With the least expensive Amarok DC coming in at R650,000, your entry price to a B6 equipped model would be R1.47 million while an armoured Aventura flagship model would theoretically set you back by just over R2-million.

SVI’s B6 package is available with all engine variants of the Volkswagen Amarok, but keep in mind that there is a significant weight penalty which will affect performance and economy.

In order to compensate for the additional bulk, SVI performs a suspension upgrade.

B6 is the highest grade of civilian-vehicle armour that’s available in South Africa without a special permit.

SVI’s engineering team drew on their knowledge of the closely related SVI Ford Ranger. As with their OEM approved package for the latter, the Amarok’s comprehensive 360-degree B6 armouring package includes 38mm armoured curved glass as well as high-grade armoured steel plates which are precisely cut and bonded in specific areas.

The protective package covers the entire passenger cell, including all pillars, windows and doors, as well as the firewall and footwell. Material overlapping has also been employed to minimise possible ballistic gaps.

Furthermore, the company says that critical components beneath the bonnet, including the battery and ABS unit, are also protected.

Customers can opt for additional roof and floor armour as well as heavy-duty run flat rings.

In keeping with its “discreet” status, SVI says the B6 protection package is nearly impossible for the untrained eye to detect.

The company is also working on a more cost-effective B6 Stopgun 3.0 non-discreet kit for the single-cab and lower-spec double cab versions of the Amarok, and this will be aimed at the security industry.

“Our B6 discreet package for the original V6-powered Amarok, which at the time held the title of South Africa’s most powerful bakkie, was a very popular choice among SVI clients,” says SVI Business Development Director, Nicol Louw. “We expect our newly developed package for the locally built, second-generation Amarok to follow in that model’s tyre treads.”


Amarok DC 360-degree B4 armour - R545 121 (ex VAT)

Amarok DC 360-degree B6 armour - R825 681 (ex VAT)

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