Of course, Manhart just had to make the BMW M4 CSL even more extreme

Published Dec 9, 2022


Wuppertal, Germany - With its glut of weight-saving components and other unique features, the new BMW M4 CSL is a very special and exclusive car in its own right, with just 1 000 examples set to be built.

But, as is the case with many German tuners, Manhart believes there is scope to make the CSL even more unique and extreme. Meet the MH4 GTR II.

To take its performance potential to the next level, Manhart installed its proven in-house MHtronik auxiliary control unit, which raises the outputs of BMW’s 3.0-litre straight-six turbo engine to 516kW and 880Nm. That’s a very decent increase from the 405kW and 650Nm offered by the ‘regular’ M4 CSL, if you could ever call it that.

The tuner has also installed a Manhart stainless steel exhaust system that opens into four 110mm tailpipes, with carbon or ceramic coating.

And if you can’t get your hands on a CSL, Mahnart will also perform a similar conversion on the BMW M4 Competition.

Manhart has tinkered with the suspension too, with various tuning enhancements as well as a height-adjustable spring kit by H&R. The MH4 GTR II rolls on 20-inch Yido Performance wheels in Silk Matt Black, although other colours are also available upon request.

As far as visual changes go that is just the tip of the iceberg, as the German tuner is also offering an 18-piece carbon body kit, including a bonnet with GTR air vents, while the unique front spoiler, side skirts, aero flicks, three-piece rear spoiler and diffuser also get the carbon treatment.

These components are accentuated by colourful orange-red decorative trim.

Inside the cabin you’ll find Schroth four-point racing harnesses, whose rear attachment points are formed by a Clubsport roll bar. Customers will also be treated to a special carbon fibre racing helmet.

“GTR – this combination of letters is a promising abbreviation for many motorsport and tuning fans, as it stands for Gran Turismo Racing. We have also often used it to designate particularly spectacular creations,” Manhart said.

“ Now the MH4 GTR II is making its debut. After the first top sports car with this designation was based on the first M4 of the F82 series, the new model is now of course based on the G82. In the case of the vehicle shown in the pictures, this is not just any M4, but a copy of the special CSL model limited to 1 000 units.”

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