‘My sister tried to cut up my wedding dress, so I kicked her out of the wedding’

Sister wanted to cut up her wedding dress. Picture: Pexels Taha Samet Arslan

Sister wanted to cut up her wedding dress. Picture: Pexels Taha Samet Arslan

Published Jan 1, 2024


I’ve heard of sibling rivalry but this sister has taken things too far.

A woman who was about to get married has taken to Reddit to share just how bad sibling rivalry can get.

The 24-year-old woman and her older sister are both engaged to be married.

While her sister only got engaged three months ago, she has been engaged for about a year and is soon to be married.

While one would think that this would bring sisters closer together, it seems to have made matters even worse.

“I have always had a complicated relationship with my sister. She has made my life as miserable as possible for as long as I can remember. But this time she’s taken it too far,” wrote the bride-to-be.

She then proceeded to share what happened.

“Around a month ago my mother my sister and I went wedding dress shopping. Now remember this was for my wedding, not Jamie’s,” she wrote.

“I saw this beautiful white lace dress with white flowers and immediately fell in love. We got the dress fitted and then bought it and took it home.

“A week before my wedding my sister showed me the wedding dress she wanted and when I saw it, I immediately knew that it was my dress. She said she had just fell in love with everything about it and asked if I could get a new one.

“I obviously told her no because my wedding was in a week and I already bought it and had it fitted. She then continued to throw a fit and tell me how it wasn’t fair and I always ruin everything for her. I thought that was the end of it but boy was I wrong,” she continued.

“A few hours later I saw her in the room with my dress. I walked into the room as she was not supposed to be in there and low and behold there she was about to cut my dress into pieces. I screamed and ripped the dress out of her hands as she kept trying to ruin it.

“She told me if I would have just chosen a new dress, this wouldn’t be happening. I told her she was crazy and that she was no longer welcome at my wedding,” wrote the angry younger sister.

“My fiancé said I took it too far but I don’t think I did. Aita?” she asked Reddit users.

While many voted her ‘NTA’, others were more concerned about her fiancé’s response.

“Your sister sounds clinically insane. She wanted to ruin your entire wedding out of jealously. I’d cut her out of my life, not just the wedding. NTA,” responded one person.

Another said: “YOUR FIANCE? Your fiance said you took it too far? Wow, do you really want to marry a man that backs your sister over you! Like wtf.”

“NTA. Banning your sister is the right thing to do. Your fiance is TA for taking her side over yours... which baffles me. She almost destroyed your wedding dress 1 week before the wedding and the only thing bothering your fiance is your behaviour rather than hers? Does he make a habit of dismissing your feelings in favour of others?” asked another Reddit user.

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