Bride-to-be doesn’t want to invite sister to wedding because she’s in wheelchair

Bride’s sister would be in a wheelchair at the wedding. Picture: Pexels Cottonbro Studio

Bride’s sister would be in a wheelchair at the wedding. Picture: Pexels Cottonbro Studio

Published Jan 6, 2024


Weddings are generally a great time for family to get together.

But for some reason, there always ends up being some sort of drama that unfolds on the day.

Whether it’s an embarrassing drunk uncle or an inappropriately dressed cousin, there’s always something to talk about after a wedding.

This is something most brides try to avoid since it’s her big day that she so meticulously planned.

This bride-to-be wanted to keep the spotlight firmly on her even if it meant not inviting a family member.

In this case, however, it’s her sister.

A Reddit reader has taken to the “Am I the a**hole” page to explain why she didn’t want to invite her sister to her wedding.

She started off by sharing that her sister was diagnosed with cancer when she was 15 years old but managed to beat it.

However, she has been having growths and any time one appears, the family would fear that the cancer was coming back.

“My issue is that she always makes these announcements that she needs to go to the doctors again at the worst times.

“At the beginning I thought it was just bad timing but it has happened so many time when I hit a milestone.

“My graduations, my birthdays, my engagement party. Any time she makes an announcement she needs to go back to the hospital my whole family with flock to her,” wrote the bride-to-be.

She recently found out that her sister was on and off in a wheelchair and she would need to take the wheelchair with her to the wedding.

The Reddit user insisted that the family be informed about the situation in advance so that it wasn’t an issue on the day of the wedding.

Her mother, however, did not see the need to do so.

After pleading that they inform the rest of the family, she decided to not invite her sister to the wedding.

“This started a huge argument about how I’m an a**hole and my point is that I am sick of her stealing the spotlight. That is what will happen if she rolls in with a wheelchair,” concluded the bride-to-be.

Most Reddit users were in support of her decision, saying that she’s not the a**hole.

“NTA. If you were banning your sister solely for using the wheelchair it would be Y T A. However her refusing to inform any other relatives of this indicates she is doing it to steal your thunder, especially since she's doing this at every family gathering. It's not about the wheelchair itself, it's about her trying to steal the moment,” wrote one person.

“NTA. She knows what she's doing. You can be confident she has a special announcement planned for the wedding. Would have been better to not invite her at all, but this is still a wise move,” said another.

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