Bride left mortified after drunk wedding guest strips at reception

Unruly friend gets drunk at wedding reception. Picture: Freepik

Unruly friend gets drunk at wedding reception. Picture: Freepik

Published Oct 12, 2023


A wedding is meant to be a special day for the bride and groom; the last thing they need is drama.

But somehow there will always be that one person who will bring it.

Whether it’s a bitter ex or an overbearing mother-in-law, they somehow draw attention away from the bride and groom.

In this case, it was one of the bride’s best friends who caused the drama.

The bride took to Reddit to share how her friend made a spectacle of herself and almost ruined the wedding.

According to the bride, soon after the ceremony ended, her friend whom she’d known for five years, asked one of her other friends if she knew any single men at the reception.

“Before my husband and I finished our pictures she was already at the back of the venue with Guy #1,” wrote the bride.

“She wanted a little more of a steamy make-out session and he stopped her and said they should enjoy the party and could go somewhere else after it, she got p***ed and headed to get a drink.”

The Reddit user added that as the evening progressed, her friend got more drunk and started screaming at people to watch her while she did the splits on the dance floor and the garden.

“She then made out with Guy #2 and got angry that my cousin who caught the bouquet” she continued.

“She then matched with Guy #3. They ‘hid’ in the dark corridor outside the venue that led to the parking lot. She took off her dress, leaving her just in a top and very short shorts as they hooked up,” wrote the bride.

“The valets I hired got stuck on the other side of the parking lot because the only way to get back to the venue was through that corridor.

“They called my wedding planner who went there and begged for her to put her dress back on and come back to the party.

“The pair ignored her, and the planner went after my other cousin to see if she could help.

“My mom heard them and got p****d, asking another friend of mine to get the pair out of there or she would lose it and throw both of them out.”

According to the bride, she never spoke to her again and only posted a few cryptic Instagram Stories saying she should take care of herself and stop doing things that would hurt her.

Redditors were left shocked and concerned about her friend with one saying: “Holllly shi*t! I am sure she was MORTIFIED and hopefully it was a wake up call to curb her drinking and really work on healing.”

“Yikes. I hope she got the help she needed / got that out of her system and is coping better now,” responded another.