Male skincare trends that are expected to boom in 2023

More men are investing in skincare. Picture: Supplied.

More men are investing in skincare. Picture: Supplied.

Published Dec 14, 2022


With more men investing in skincare, male grooming and skincare trends are likely to boom next year.

According to Global Industry Analysts Inc, the global men’s skincare products market is expected to reach $13 billion by the end of 2022, with the leading areas of growth being toiletries, such as shower products, deodorant, hair care, and skincare.

It is reported that shaving and beard care products and even fragrances have been booming in sales.

Themba Ndlovu, Clere For Men brand manager, said in 2023, they are expecting to see new grooming and skincare trends emerge and the already existing ones gain more popularity.

“Men’s grooming routines have developed far beyond the old-reliable quick shave and comb-over. The man of today dedicates time and effort to making sure he looks presentable during office hours and leisure time.

“Plus, more and more men are interested in learning about good grooming practices,” said Ndlovu.

The top 3 male grooming and skincare trends that we should look out for in 2023 are:

Quality over quantity

Most people tend to use multiple products at once, hoping for a better looking skin. But in all honestly, only effective products are needed. The rest will just take up your bathroom space and milk your pocket. Just get a cleanser for a morning and evening wash, day cream and night cream.

Re-applying sunscreen

Many people still can’t get this right, which is why we need this trend until everyone understands how sunscreen works. It should be applied at least every 2-3 hours, especially on hot days.

Body care

The same attention you give to your face should also be given to your body. Professionals are touting body care as the new skincare, and while products that combine skincare and body care are already on the rise, 2023 will see this trend grow more.

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