LOOK: Sho Madjozi’s new sparkling braids go viral and moms are expecting it to cause trouble this school holidays

Sho Madjozi. Picture: Instagram

Sho Madjozi. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 22, 2023


From the beaded tips to multicoloured braids, Sho Madjozi’s hairstyles have been copied by little girls all over South Africa.

Her styles are especially popular when kids are on holiday and they can have fun with their hairstyles.

During the holidays, you’ll see little ones walking around with long bright pink or purple braids.

This summer there’s sure to be another Madjozi-inspired look after the singer debuted her new hairstyle.

She took to X to post a video showing off her new do, saying: “I finally figured out the sparkle braids.”

In the clip, we see her green metallic-looking braids shimmering in the light.

With over a million views, the video has already gone viral and people can’t stop talking about her new look.

While many are absolutely loving the look and keen to find out where to get them from, most are commenting about the fact that it will be the “it” look for little ones this coming holiday season and that it’s going to cause moms stress.

“This is going to be expensive for my parents since my lil sis is your big hairstyle fan, I hope she never sees this,waze was'bulala bandla,” commented @LilakoiM.

“Your problem is that you put these hairpieces and styles out here for our kids to see then you don't tell us which brand and where to get them. Now I have to be crying in town tryna find sparkling green hair for my 5 year old😭😭😭,” reckoned @GeorgieBeani.

Gugu_Zullu said: “Let my 10 yr old not see those sparkling braids. I'm still recovering from pink hair.🙄”