LOOK: Pearl Thusi’s gravity-defying breasts is winning the internet

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 12, 2023


*Please note that the article may contain nude images*

Media personality Pearl Thusi is in her bad girl era, and enjoying it.

The mother of two, who recently turned 35, broke the internet when she shared pictures of her perky breasts.

She’s been wearing mesh tops that reveal her boobs and loved every second of it.

“Don’t slide if you like reporting people. Unfollow me or block me so we can both mind our business. This look was crafted to impress ONLY @janellemonae for her latest project which I’m obsessed with. I literally floated to the party – ask @thabsie_sa . Just missin’ some lipstick on my neck,” she wrote on Instagram.

When people tried to shame her for her outfit, she told them to get over it because she’s shown her breasts before.

“Also – y’all need to stop acting like y’all ain’t see my ladies in my movies already. Nothing new happening here. I even did the Marie Claire naked what what twice,” she wrote.

And to step on their necks, the “Queen Sono” star posted another picture on Instagram of herself wearing an Ashluxury mesh catsuit, showing off her boobs and thighs.

Some told her she was beautiful and didn’t need to go naked.

“Do you know how beautiful you guys are and that you really do not need to be doing all of this. You are more than enough as you are. There's a lot of people doing weird things nowadays and it's such a pity because it seems like you do not realise how great you are just as you are,” wrote @ndudula_kim.

Others defended her, saying the hashtag “titties Tuesday” has been normalised on the internet, so they should let her be.

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