The Fabiani flagship store opening in Menlyn Park Mall is a premium success

The Fabiani flagship store in Menlyn Park Mall.

The Fabiani flagship store in Menlyn Park Mall.

Published Jun 27, 2023


Customers visiting Menlyn Park Shopping Centre's Flagship Fabiani will be greeted by the newly-revamped fashion store integrated with high-tech screen walls displaying clothing products.

A unique Fabiani scent in the store and welcoming contemporary premium space will be among many fascinating experiences customers encounter upon entry.

Fabiani is a premium menswear brand in Southern Africa reinvented its interior look and introduced fresh collections that were unveiled on Thursday during the store flagship’s launch that was attended by trendsetters in the fashion industry.

Good news to customers is that their shopping journey has been enhanced by the digital screens fitted in changing rooms with ambient lighting, generous space and mirrors that you cant resist taking selfies in.

While trying on clothes customers can use screens to send messages to in-store fashion stylists whenever they need assistance with finding the perfect size or getting tailoring assistance.

“If you require a different size you just tap the screen and that prompts a message to one of our fashion stylists who will bring you your size. So, you don’t have to leave the fitting room at any point during that (premium shopping) journey,” said Fabiani Head of Marketing Manager Lyle Paul.

At the store there are also premium accessories that can be found to complete your ideal look.

The fashion store has also incorporated a ‘’pause area’’, which is a luxury space where customers can sit, consult with a fashion stylist while being served a cup of freshly brewed coffee, prosecco or water.

The evolution of the cash desk conjures up an speedy processing of transactions; it gets used to being more of a social working spot within the store environment.

Fabiani also piloted the collection that was exclusive to the Menlyn store after it opened its doors to customers last week.

While the fashion store has curated the high luxury range it still carried its classic collection but at a curated scale.

Entertainment TV Presenter and style guru, Kat Sinivasan, explained that the collection sort of encapsulated the traits of “the CEO on the go”.

One of the most hyped pieces showcased was a utility trouser with chino material.

Sinivasan said: The premium collection at Fabiani can be dressed in various styling features that can be occasioned for any event. This brought out the brands affluence as Sinivasan showed styling hacks of how to wear the Fabiani scarf along with finding an accessory to give you that premium and completed look.

Fabiani’s inspiration on Italian styling was featured throughout the store, the different looks on mannequins and models outlines their true heritage in the fashion industry. The brand positions itself in being premium yet convenient for customers to find any look for any occasion.

Throughout the Fabiani X Masterclass session: Sinivasan said: “A Fabiani fan is easy to spot because they’re proud of their style allegiance. A key component of the brands designs is the way they integrate the logo and brand signifier.

In Italy, fashionistas continuously wear and style up in the true Italian wear, this fixates on the brands affluence and inspiration in fashion. Fabiani believes that their premium collection is a boarding pass to ‘’A life in Style’’. Lyle said, ‘’we often go to Italy to get fashion inspiration’’

Fabiani outlines a ‘’A life in Style’’ which is a true resemblance of their brand. The Fabiani Flagship Store Launch in Menlyn Park mall brought many influencers, media personnel and fashion icons in the industry together this allowed them to be a feel ‘’A life in stye’’ the Fabiani way.