Easy DIY Halloween costumes for you to make for your kids at home

Children in classic ghost costumes. Picture: Charles Parker/Pexels

Children in classic ghost costumes. Picture: Charles Parker/Pexels

Published Oct 24, 2023


Over the past few years, Halloween has become very popular in South Africa, with folk getting in on the fun.

While the grown-ups often have costume parties, the little ones would dress up and go house to house, asking for sweet treats.

All kids love being able to magically change into a different character, but for parents, it can sometimes become costly to have to hire special costumes.

Here are some easy costume ideas for your little ones that won’t break the bank.

The terrifying zombie

A creepy zombie is just as easy to recreate. Grab some old clothes, rub them in some dirt, and cut the edges to give the outfit an old-worn look. Make their hair look messy as well. To add a bit of drama, use dark eye make-up to create dark rings around the eyes. This will give your little one a walking-dead look.

Zombie make-up is easy. Picture: Laercio Cavalcanti/Unsplash

The classic ghost

One of the easiest and most iconic Halloween costumes to make at home is the classic ghost. All you need is an old white sheet, scissors, and a marker. Cut out two eye-holes from the sheet and use the marker to draw a spooky face. Drape the sheet over your child's head, and they're ready to scare!

Classic ghosts. Picture: Charles Parker/Pexels

Magical fairy or wizard

Encourage your child’s imagination with a whimsical fairy or wizard costume. Start by finding a plain-coloured dress or robe. Add a touch of magic by attaching glittery fabric, sequins, or even LED lights. Complete the look with a handmade wand or an inexpensive sparkling tiara.

Simply add an inexpensive tiara to their look. Picture: Pexels/Freepik

Cute animal

Transform your child into their favourite animal with a simple yet adorable costume. This is perfect for toddlers. Using a onesie in the appropriate colour, you can simply attach ears, a tail, and some other accessories that represent the animal. Some onesies come with their own ears. Now all you need is some face paint to complete the look.

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