Sorisha Naidoo's emotional reunion exit sparks 'major shakeup' talk on 'The Real Housewives of Durban'. Who should go, who should stay?



Published May 24, 2024


The season four reunion of ‘The Real Housewives of Durban’ saw OG cast mate Sorisha Naidoo walk off set and not return, bringing into question her future on the show.

In part two of the reunion a visibly emotional Sorisha walked off set, when her marriage to wealthy businessman Vivian Reddy came under attack, thanks to utterances by Maria Valaskatzis’ ‘gusband’ Neil.

Her fellow houseswives, Nonku Williams, Jojo Robinson and Maria laughed, entertaining the claims made by Neil. “I feel very disheartened that nobody felt that they had to apologise to me,” said the reality TV star in a Q&A with Showmax.

The reunion clearly showed that a shake-up is needed with the cast of the longest-running African ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise.

Even Sorisha agrees, she told Showmax that she would return for season five, if there were to be one, only if “there is a major shakeup and the show is more aspirational, and we see each other as women and not anything else, I would be back.”

This season was a defining season for her, from friendships to viewers getting to see who she is. After four seasons on a reality TV show a person's walls tend to fall as they get comfortable.

The former ‘Scandal!’ actress has been on the show since its inception and has been a key figure in the group. Now that her future on the show hangs in the balance unless there is a major shakeup, one wonders who will be leaving and returning.

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One could say that Maria burnt her RHOD bridge by introducing Neil to the ladies, despite Sorisha letting her know how she feels about him and that she could be on the chopping block.

But a villain looking for redemption makes a good storyline; from begging to be her friend to pleading for forgiveness.

Sorisha’s bestie Slee Ndlovu is one person who, if she does return for season five, needs to develop a storyline that is outside of her former friendship with Nonku Williams. “Heala sisi” as Nonku said.

Nonku’s future on the show is blurry, she could come back, but one has to wonder if she shouldn’t sit this one out. Her friendship with Jojo Robinson is fun to watch but maybe we need to see the two without each other.

When it comes to Jojo’s future on the show, one minute she says she’s not coming back and then she is but at least she gave viewers growth in her second season. Her and BooBear in their dream home are a pleasure to watch but let’s see if, in season five, she can beat the puppet master allegations.

This season had three newcomers Ameigh Thompson and Angel Ndlela, who are both friends with Sorisha and then there is Zama Ngcobo who is friends with Nonku and Jojo.

29-year-old influencer Angel may have gotten off to a rocky start but through the season we saw different moments of growth, and even though some of her storylines were sketchy, she delivered. Her being on season five, wouldn't be a bad idea.

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When it comes to Ameigh though, it’s a pity the reunion skimmed over her altercation with Zama because there is plenty to unpack when it comes to the allegations around her hijacking - which was the only storyline that Ameigh had on the season. One season could just be enough unless she will have more to give viewers.

At the reunion Zama made it clear that she is the one that iced Sorisha and not the other way around as she was unmoved over the collapse of the budding friendship.

One thing Zama did was deliver entering diaries and she stood firm on all her views. Let’s see her growth in another season, maybe the walls will ease and she will let us in.

There is no word yet on the future of ‘The Real Housewives of Durban’ and who will make the cut but when they do come back in a year or two, devoted fans should expect a change.

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