Meghan and Harry’s photographer denies editing their pregnancy reveal portrait

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Picture: Matt Dunham / Reuters

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Picture: Matt Dunham / Reuters

Published Mar 14, 2024


People are still trying to get over the fact that Catherine, Princess of Wales, admitted to posting an edited Mother’s Day portrait, and now another royal portrait has seemingly been edited.

This time it’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Valentine’s Day picture that they shared in 2021 that has come under scrutiny.

The picture in question is the one they posted to announce their second pregnancy.

The picture posted by the couple in 2021 was not edited, according to the outraged photographer. Picture: Instagram

UK media accused them of adding a willow tree in the background.

However, the photographer who took the black and white picture, has rubbished these claims that the image was retouched.

Photographer Misan Harriman took to Instagram to share the colour version of the photograph and is demanding an apology.

“The original Jpeg without the black and White grade, I expect a full apology and retraction from @dailymail @telegraph. No trees or meadows were moved or swapped, this is the image straight out of camera. Also that is a Jacaranda Tree, not a willow tree,” the photographer captioned the Instagram post.

Harriman took to X as well to share a video that such suggestions were false.

He said: “Apparently I was switching out trees and meadows. And I admitted to this in an episode of a podcast called Private Passions. This is crazy.”

“How that (podcast) exchange could amount to me admitting to doctoring an image is insidious,” he added.

The photographer also accused the podcast host of using leading questions, which he said he tried to ignore before denying any photoshopping.

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