Tweeps drag Penuel The Black Pen for thinking he needed to ‘approve’ Pearl Thusi’s nude look

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 12, 2023


Do you remember when Kim Kardashian broke the internet in 2014 with that “Paper” magazine photo-shoot where she flashed a very oiled-up rear end?

It almost seems like actress Pearl Thusi is doing the same here in South Africa with her recent pictures of her flaunting her perfectly perky breasts.

It’s become a hot topic on social media and, by the looks of it, will be so for some time.

Thusi posted a variety of pictures of her smoking hot semi-nude look on her Instagram page and the reactions to her attire has caught the attention of fans and foes.

Contrary to all the body positive comments Thusi’s been receiving, podcaster Penuel The Black Pen doesn’t seem to “approve” of the “Queen Sono” star’s spicy pictures and says he thinks it’s a “bad example for young impressionable kids/girls” and that it “cheapens” the female body.

In a lengthy tweet, he wrote: “This is Pearl Thusi's body. She has agency & must dress however she wishes, within legal requirements.

“But I personally don’t approve of this. I think it’s a bad example for young impressionable kids/girls. I don’t think it’s liberating… I think it promotes the cheapening of the female body, in the eyes of most men.”

He added that while Thusi “has done really well for her career” he didn’t “approve of her current shenanigans”.

“If we don’t share our thoughts on such, the assumption will be that we all approve, when many of us don’t. I wouldn’t be happy with my mothers, sisters or daughters dressing like this.

“We’re not yet mentally liberated to be nude like this… most men see this as fishing for pervert attention, & a desperate desire to trend by any means.

“With that said, again, Pearl can dress however she wishes, & she’s done really well in her career. End.”

He continued: “1. I’m not a role model. Many ppl call me out for having kids with multiple moms. It’s their right to call me out, but I’m happy, & my kids are good. 2. I added disclaimers.

“Read to understand. 3. It’s important for all of us to raise societal concerns. 4. It is MY opinion.”

Despite the disclaimer he provided for his tweet, tweeps didn’t take his statements lightly.

“Kodwa Penuel she doesn’t need your approval. U even say personally ngathi she’s your wife,” commented @simphiwezwane07.

@RealTsongaMan wrote: “In simple terms; LEAVE PEARL ALONE. The day we start focusing more on our lives, the lesser problems we will have with other people’s lives.”

— Penuel The Black Pen (@GodPenuel) June 12, 2023

@alurasen commented: “Imagine a full grown adult saying I don’t approve what the other person is doing?”

@Rafiq_Johnson said: “@GodPenuel i love your content but this is one hill you will have to go at alone. our society teaches us to be ourselves and express what we feeling. yet when its not to society liking we must change.

“To each his own brother. if she wants to dress like that its on her not you.”

Meanwhile, Thusi’s good friend multi-award-winning content creator Nadia Jaftha seems to be going through a similar situation.

She recently received criticism for posting a picture of herself sporting a shower cap, crop top and G-string on Instagram.