Ruda Landman remembers her late ‘Carte Blanche’ colleague Derek Watts: ‘We had such an absolute trust and respect for each’

Derek Watts and Ruda Landman. Picture: Supplied

Derek Watts and Ruda Landman. Picture: Supplied

Published Aug 24, 2023


Fans, industry colleagues and those close to veteran broadcaster Derek Watts have been slowly taking in news of his death.

Ruda Landman, journalist and former ‘Carte Blanche’ co-host, shared with 702 presenter Bongani Bingwa how she heard the news of Watts’ passing.

She explained an acquaintance had brought the news to her attention, after having seen it on Twitter, and at that point she was unaware and had to ask a ‘Carte Blanche’ colleague whether it was true.

Speaking candidly about her experience with Watts, Landman explained that they were not close personal friends but they had a strong professional relationship.

“We had such an absolute trust and respect for each other as colleagues.

“For all those years when we were in the studio together every Sunday evening, I had never felt as safe in a working environment as I did with Derek at my side. He was so professional, he was always prepared.”

She recalled how she saw him about two weeks ago and she was struck by the way he listened. “When I was talking, he would look at me as if I was the only thing in the universe.”

Landman’ applauded Watts’ attentive nature being behind how he was able to get people to open up and tell their stories.

Watts died on Tuesday after battling cancer. He was diagnosed last year with skin cancer, which later spread to his lungs.

Carte Blanche’ confirmed the news in a statement shared on social media.

“It is with profound sadness that we confirm the passing of ‘Carte Blanche’ anchor and icon, Derek Watt,” they said.