Pearl Thusi divides opinion after she shakes her booty on viral Instagram video

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Published Sep 5, 2023


Never one to shy away from flaunting her banging body, media personality Pearl Thusi once again became the talk of social media when she shared several revealing videos dancing to Tyla’s latest hit single, “Water”.

The 35-year-old shared the viral video clips on her Instagram on Sunday night and soon found herself on the trends list.

“I need help choosing the one that should become my reel for the challenge,” she shared along with several videos of her performing the popular new dance challenge. “Comment with the frame number! Please and thank you!”

The post led to fans commenting and sharing their thoughts on X, formerly known as Twitter. Some seemed to enjoy the videos, while others criticised Thusi for clout-chasing. By Monday afternoon, most people were taking to social media to defend her.

“All Pearl Thusi is trying to do is to keep the bag secured and she can't do that If she's not relevant,” shared @kearabile_. “Let's not be harsh on her. 🤍”

"The anti-Pearl Thusi narrative here on Twitter is so outdated," added another user. "Like she could be breathing, and some would still find the way she breathes wrong. I'm in no position to tell y'all what to do, but I know stupid things when I see some."

“Pearl Thusi might as well open an Only Fans account. I might subscribe... 😛😋,” commented @mrmogomotsi.

— Tautona® (@MrMogomotsi) September 4, 2023

@_simplyenny said people should allow Thusi to live her life. “Everyday y'all prove just how miserable your lives are. I just don't understand why Pearl Thusi shouldn't have fun. She's young and already famous. She doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. Especially not yall! Let her live her life and have fun.”