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From left to right: Zaheera Ameen, Waseela Suleman, Sheenaz Ebrahim and Reyna Patel. Picture: Theo Jephta/ African News Agency (ANA)

From left to right: Zaheera Ameen, Waseela Suleman, Sheenaz Ebrahim and Reyna Patel. Picture: Theo Jephta/ African News Agency (ANA)

Published Nov 22, 2021


DURBAN - The Daily News hosted an engagement event where our most avid readers were treated to the premier of the movie New Material at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping on Thursday night.

This engagement was aimed at finding out what our readers think of the newspaper’s editorial direction. Our readers applauded the newspaper for having a resounding diverse voice that tells stories that cut across race, age and religious belief.

Barry Botha, who attended the event with his wife Nadine, said they were particularly impressed by editor Ayanda Mdluli’s personable demeanour.

“It is funny you ask about our feelings towards the newspaper because my wife and I were just lamenting on the genuine interest the editor, Ayanda, showed in us. It is the exact replication of the approach in the stories you write about. So much care and dedication is given for the people that make the stories,” said Botha.

From left to right is Editor Ayanda Mdluli, Nadine Botha and Barry Botha during the showing of the new movie by the name of New Material at the Gateway mall in Durban. Picture: Theo Jeptha/ African News Agency(Ana)

Meanwhile, Reyna Patel said the newspaper is finally moving in the right direction after losing a bit of its heydays dominance.

“For me, Daily News means a lot of things and has taught me a lot in the past decade. I lost a bit of interest in it when it moved its focus into something totally different from what we know. But I feel like it is now improving, although it would be great for it to re-introduce some of the kiddies features such as cartoons and puzzles,” said Patel.

Shenaaz Ebrahim echoed the same sentiments while suggesting the newspaper should consider high school pupils who have an interest in reading, which will encourage a culture of reading.

“During my days, we had the reading sections that were interesting to the high school pupil, which really made us engage in critical thinking, and that should not change today. But also, maybe the newspaper should consider going back to having exam question papers with attached memorandum of answers,” said Ebrahim.

Daily News is a cosmopolitan intra-city newspaper with a unique tap into a diverse readership all over Durban.

We would like to thank our readers for their continued support.

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