‘I am putting everything in the hands of the police’

A student was left with a wound in the head after an attack by a classmate. Picture: Supplied

A student was left with a wound in the head after an attack by a classmate. Picture: Supplied

Published May 3, 2024



Durban — A student has been suspended and another is recovering from a wound to her head after a scuffle broke out at their student residence in Durban this week.

It is alleged that a scuffle broke out between students, from the Durban University of Technology (DUT) living in the same student accommodation building on Steve Biko Road.

The incident was captured in a cellphone recording while the victim was on a live chat during a study session. The video was later posted on Facebook.

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda confirmed that Berea SAPS opened a case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

“It is alleged that the suspect pushed [open] the door of the victim’s room on Steve Biko Road and assaulted her with a sharp wooden object.

“The motive of the assault is suspected to be related to an ongoing altercation between the two, which resulted in the suspect’s removal from the room. Investigations are ongoing,” Netshiunda explained.

Police said that no arrest had been made.

Blood stains on the student victim. Picture: Supplied

The Daily News spoke to the victim who wished to remain anonymous.

She claimed that the fracas began because the accused had a child who was misbehaving in the shared room. She reported the matter of having a child in the room to the relevant authorities and believed this agitated the accused. The authorities sent an email to the accused telling her to leave the student residence.

The victim claimed that the accused left the child to be looked after by other students on some occasions.

“We then called a meeting to address the matter, and she told us that she was leaving and there was no need for a meeting. Weeks went by and she did not leave. I was live-streaming a study session from my room when I was attacked,” the victim claimed.

In the video, screaming and shouting can be heard when the attacker attempts to lock her in her room.

“While I was live on Facebook my door was wide open. She then entered and closed the door, but my friends tried to push the door but they failed.

“She then started to beat me up with a sharp wooden object but I managed to push her and open the door. That’s when she started chasing me with a knife.

“I am putting everything in the hands of the police, and I hope justice will be served,” the victim said.

EFF student command’s Mlungisi Madonsela said they have been following the case “from a close perspective” to ensure justice for the victim and further assistance.

“The perpetrator is suspended from the university and she is set to appear in a Student Disciplinary Tribunal. We hope the law won’t let her down but will take its course. We call for unity, peace, and harmony among students and remember that united we stand, however, divided we fall.

Madonsela said that at the university there are groups of diverse people. He encouraged students to learn how to coexist.

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