Tribute to late Namibian president Hage Geingob

Late President Hage Geingob of Namibia.

Late President Hage Geingob of Namibia.

Published Mar 1, 2024


Hosea Hatshaambo Shishiveni

Dear Mr President, if only if I had known your sickness was that serious.

I lament not praying for you while you needed not only my prayers, but those of the whole nation. Instead, alongside the media, we kept inquiring when you would leave to make way for young, vibrant leaders.

When I heard of your passing it took me days to handle it. It was more of a dream many could not comprehend. I truly thought the US had something to do with your passing and was ready to write to the American government office and ask what had truly happened.

You would often remind us that you may not be here tomorrow, and indeed, today you are not. You sacrificed your health for Namibia out of adoration for the people.

You were an exceptional pioneer who beat a path for others through your transformational abilities and capacities.

After your burial, speculation of your being corrupt will surely surface, with most of this intended to sully your memory – not just inside the borders of Namibia, but worldwide.

It is so sad to see how African countries are being decimated by the universal community in spite of African nations being autonomous.

Our adversaries keep attacking our imperial and autonomous landmass.

Hosea Hatshaambo Shishiveni is a Namibian political analyst.

Presently we are made to abhor each other. Our foes aren’t ourselves but are diseases, civil war and coups, starvation, IMF and World Bank’s loans that gave birth to corruption.

Until we figure out who is responsible for funding corruption, who gives us weapons to draw out gracious wars, where are the infections made, we’ll keep slaughtering and imprisoning ourselves.

Amid your rule as president, many wanted you to run the show with partiality. I have no doubt that you made more enemies during your rule as president than amid the battle period and your entire life before getting to be the Commander-In-Chief.

Most of these enemies were drawn from the ranks of your former Swapo cadres since they needed you to serve Swapo only, overlooking the fact that you were the president of the entire nation.

I know that you cherished Namibia more than you loved Swapo, and that is why your activities and choices were continuously centred around inclusivity.

You knew no tribe in Namibia. The former president fought a good fight and embodied the spirit of resilience in all his fights as he was fighting for the total freedom of Namibia from the oppressor amid the colonial time.

The late president attempted diligently to implant the same spirit hereto, alluding to the spirit of resilience within free Namibia during his tenure within the leadership of Namibia while serving in several political societies and, most critically, as the head of state.

Within the battle for autonomy, he stood immovably with Namibia; through illness and torment, he kept fighting for a comprehensive Namibia. He persevered through all cruel conditions on the ground, and nowadays we stay not only with history, but the fruits of what he planted to ensure that Namibia is free from the colonial persecution.

He once said: “You see how I am standing here because I am not feeling well, and you tell me I want to travel? I have been travelling since the 1960s.”

You’ve joined the divine world; greet the rest of the fathers and sons of Pan-Africanism and direct and guide us from there.

We are not going to back off; we’ll proceed from where you left off. Your passing is a colossal misfortune for Namibia, Africa and the world.

Rest in peace, mighty lion, courageous warrior, legend, son of the soil, may your bequest and spirit live on.

May your awesome soul rest in peace, control and power. Aluta Continua. Victoria Acerta.

* Shishiveni is a Namibian political analyst

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