Letter: South Africa’s entire future depends on May 29

Vote wisely on 29 May 2024. Its impact will be felt by generations to come, says the writer.

Vote wisely on 29 May 2024. Its impact will be felt by generations to come, says the writer.

Published Mar 25, 2024


By Farouk Araie

Our high-octane politics and political scene resemble a John le Carré thriller; a multibillionaire commits suicide on a lonely stretch of coastline; a prominent business figure with close ties to the establishment dies in a mysterious bridge crash; the Speaker of Parliament unexpectedly takes leave from her duties under a cloud of uncertainty; while whistle-blowers are brazenly murdered.

From the corridors of political power to the boardrooms of multibillion-rand private and public institutions, a multitude of names in our lawless country have lost public favour over the past two decades.

Many currently sitting on various power thrones – and who are the subject of serious crime investigations and who have the tenacity and temerity to brazenly commit perjury and lie under oath – are treated as celebrities and their distorted images are shamelessly displayed in our gory hall of fame.

Over the past 20 years as a democratic rainbow nation, careers were upended, the fall from grace has become a tsunami of monumental proportions. Power and prestige does not last forever, and in many cases over the past decade, it has been graphically proven that it can dissipate in the blink of an eye.

In the age of social media, those who have done wrong are more vulnerable than ever.

Rock bottom is littered with famous faces. Many of our political leaders appear to be saints for as long as they wield power without facing the consequences, but tumble off that pedestal of cleanliness once they lose power or are ousted from the citadels of power. It has been grimly proven that politics is indeed not a cathedral of morality when one explores the South African political landscape and the utter carnage it has left in its wake.

The depressing squalor of the visionless leadership has created in law-abiding citizens a gnawing hunger for an impeccable and honest leader to lead us to prosperity and political sanity.

In our current political dispensation, the ruling brand is deeply associated with the crassest favouritism of cadre economic interests. They say that history does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.

Charismatic leaders once revered for leading the Struggle for liberation are now reviled for monstrous crimes once in high office.

Democracy and freedom cannot survive if we continue to accept our current political situation.

Our problems are immense. They range from bribery to corruption by political leaders and government officials, economic deprivation of the plebeians, the tendency to loot and embezzle funds, and the naked lust for power and wealth.

What we are witnessing in 3D is the pauperisation of the masses. This is not a dream deferred – it is a dream totally and utterly destroyed.

Adieu, our beloved rainbow nation. Resurrection is virtually an impossible dream.

Vote wisely on 29 May 2024. Its impact will be felt by generations to come.

Cape Times

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