We don’t want ‘dirty money’ in this conference, says ANC Western Cape

ANC Western Cape spokesperson Sifiso Mtsweni

ANC Western Cape spokesperson Sifiso Mtsweni

Published Jun 23, 2023


The ANC in the Western Cape has vowed to clamp down on the use of “dirty money” to influence the outcomes of the provincial conference under way in Cape Town.

The party has also barred delegates from wearing regalia bearing faces of candidates contesting positions or promoting factions.

Briefing the media, provincial spokesperson Sifiso Mtsweni said one of their discussion documents dealt with the influence of money in politics.

“We have a discussion document that will be in one of the commissions that will discuss the influence of money and how it eroded the fibre of the ANC,” he said.

In its discussion documents, the ANC said the “demon of money” should be buried and forgotten.

“Money is the antithesis of everything the ANC stands for. This discussion must begin the process to not only talk about it but as a statement that we condemn and call for sterner action against those who do this and are known.”

Mtsweni also said those contesting provincial positions were allowed to raise funds, but the ANC wanted to know the nature of the funds raised.

He also said they would deal with cases where delegates were bribed to vote otherwise.

“We don’t want money to influence the outcomes of this conference. We want this conference to be influenced by aspirations the branches want.”

Mtsweni said the interim provincial committee (IPC), which was sitting to consider the reports to be presented at the conference, would get a report on the accommodation of delegates.

“As we sit as IPC, one of the things we get is a report (whether) all delegates sleep at hotels supplied by the ANC. If there are delegates that sleep at hotels not provided by us, it means there is something happening.”

He also said the ANC has made catering arrangements for the 700 delegates at the conference.

“If 200 eat here, we want to know where the other 400 are eating.”

He said should there be evidence of anyone who used money to influence proceedings, they would deal “decisively” with such an individual.

“We don’t want dirty money. Anyone who is going to contest and use dirty money, we are to make sure that person does not emerge.”

Mtsweni also said all the delegates have been given the same regalia for the conference.

“We don’t want to see delegates wearing things that are representing certain factions or funders.”

The ANC in the Western Cape wants to re-establish its relationship with the masses in the province, especially the downtrodden.

“We are going to come out of this conference being an organisation that is rooted among the people,” he said, adding that they would do away with factions and divisions and focus on building ANC structures to take on the DA.

They also want to elect individuals reflecting the demographics of the province.

“Everybody will be part of this leadership so that every citizen can look at the ANC and feel represented by it,” Mtsweni said.

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