Ladismith bakery owner entertains youth on election day



Published May 30, 2024


Ladismith bakery owner, Raymondo Flink, brought cheer and joy to the hearts of young children as their parents headed to the polls on Wednesday.

As the adults queued to make their all-important democratic mark in the national elections, Flink said he arranged a day of entertainment for the children of his community.

“It was an idea that just came to me in the lead-up to election day. Daily we encounter children and youth of the community who are into rapping and different types of performance arts. I chatted to a few of them of the idea I had and brought them on board.

@capetimessa A Ladismith bakery owner brought cheer and joy to the hearts of young children as their parents headed to the polls to vote. #ElectionSA2024🇿![CDATA[]]>🇦 ♬ Tjina - Megadrumz & Lady Du

“It was important for us also to inform the children about the importance of election day. We arranged for them to be occupied while their parents had to make their important mark without having to worry about their children’s safety or whereabouts. My wife and I were a team and were assisted by many volunteers,” said Flink.

The day was jam-packed with arts and crafts for children, live entertainment with DJs, MCs, drama performances and face painting, said Flink.

Ladismith bakery owner, Raymondo Flink, spray-paints one of the children’s hair during festivities held for the youth while parents were at the voting polls. l SUPPLIED

“We were able to give them their own party packets and at the end of the day, we believe they were so exhausted from all the fun that they went straight home. For us it was such a pleasure to share this day with the children who really enjoyed it. We want to empower our youth and having seen this and the success of the day, we want to build on this and continue doing what our youth can benefit from,” said Flink.

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