Cape Town cracks second place for best sunrises in world rating

Lagos, Nigeria has taken the top spot as Africa’s most popular city to explore.

Lagos, Nigeria has taken the top spot as Africa’s most popular city to explore.

Published Apr 4, 2022


CAPE TOWN - Lagos, Nigeria has taken the top spot as Africa's most popular city to explore first thing in the morning, followed by Cape Town.

This is according to Premier Inn which researched over 250 of the most populated cities in the world on Instagram to reveal the places that are being photographed the most when we wake up in the morning.

The number of hashtags for #goodmorning{city} were counted and compared for cities in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

Instagrammers are rising early and getting their cameras ready to catch a glimpse of Africa’s most beautiful cities to see the sunrise in.

RankCityCountryInsta hashtags
2.Cape TownSouth Africa2,233
4.DurbanSouth Africa467

With over 3 890 mentions for mornings in Lagos, golden morning swirls of sky are captured in many of the morning posts from here, with Instagram users showcasing the city’s vibrant feel with people on their morning commute, making time to take a morning snap in front of Lagos Lagoon.

With over 2 200 mentions, Cape Town was a big hit among early morning Instagrammers capturing sunrises from some of Cape Town's famous hiking routes such as Lion’s Head mountain, showing that the city is even more beautiful from a great height.

In third place is Cairo with #GoodMorningCairo posts showcasing the reflections of the sunrise on the Nile from Roda Island. Durban and Nairobi round off the top five with 467 and 407 hashtags respectively

Casablanca in Morocco, Accra in Ghana, Alexandria in Egypt, Kampala in Uganda and Kano in Nigeria made the top 10 list.

“The morning brings a fresh start to each new day, and what better way to start the day than experiencing some of the most beautiful city scenes at sunrise? Whether you’re looking to wake up in some of Canada’s best cities, or travel further afield to explore global cities at dawn, Instagram reveals which cities should be on the bucket lists of early risers everywhere,” Premier Inn said.

The UK’s capital of London was the most instagrammed city in the morning.

“When looking at the most popular morning cities across the globe, just behind London is the Emirate city Dubai, which is most popular among morning-risers on the social media platform, with over 28 200 morning hashtags for #goodmorningDubai. Following Dubai is Paris, New York, Berlin and Toyko.”

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