The Western Cape works, and its people are working

DA Western Cape Premier Candidate Alan Winde responds to the piece, ‘Lies, damned lies and statistics – DA exposed’ by Cameron Dugmore, as featured in the Cape Argus. Picture: Leon Lestrade / Independent Newspapers.

DA Western Cape Premier Candidate Alan Winde responds to the piece, ‘Lies, damned lies and statistics – DA exposed’ by Cameron Dugmore, as featured in the Cape Argus. Picture: Leon Lestrade / Independent Newspapers.

Published May 16, 2024


In reference to the piece by Cameron Dugmore, “Lies, damned lies and statistics – DA exposed” on Tuesday, May 14 in the Cape Argus.

The Western Cape works. This does not simply refer to the quality of services delivered by the Western Cape Government, but also to our population.

You are more likely to find a job in the Western Cape than any other province, as shown by the latest Quarterly Labour Force Survey for the 1st Quarter of 2024.

The only thing that Mr Dugmore has exposed, is his dissatisfaction at seeing the DA make consistent progress on job creation in the only non-ANC governed province in the country.

The Western Cape is significantly ahead of any other province when it comes to addressing unemployment. We have both the lowest unemployment rate and expanded unemployment rate in the country by a significant margin.

Our unemployment rate is 11.5 percentage points lower than the national figure, while it is also 15.8 percentage points lower than the national rate according to the expanded definition, which includes discouraged jobseekers.

The Western Cape also boasts the highest labour absorption rate in SA at 55.4%, and the highest Labour Force Participation Rate in SA, at 69.2%.

There is simply no comparison. Where the DA governs, our people have jobs, at a much higher rate than anywhere the ANC does. I have also made it clear that there much still to be done, and we will continue making progress as the full impact of the Western Cape Government’s Growth for Jobs Strategy, implemented last year, comes into effect.

I understand that the unemployment rate does not mean much to our residents that are still seeking employment. But what I would like to emphasise is that you should not give up looking for work, because in this province we are constantly adding jobs.

The Western Cape Government is committed above all else to creating lasting solutions to the unemployment crisis. That is because nothing stops a bullet like a job, nothing puts food on your table like a job, and nothing gives you dignity like a job.

The Western Cape has a 26.1% expanded unemployment rate.

For some context, just have a look at some other provinces’ expanded unemployment rates:

  • Gauteng: 38,9% (second-best performing province, 12.8 percentage points behind the Western Cape)
  • KwaZulu-Natal: 43,7%
  • Eastern Cape: 49,1%
  • North West: 53,6%

But the DA-led Western Cape Government has a plan for job creation, and it is working.

The Growth for Jobs Strategy is premised on a recognition that the private sector creates jobs, while the state needs to create an environment in which people and businesses are enabled to create and exploit opportunities as they arise.

In a nutshell, the government needs to make it as easy as possible to do business, so that the economy can grow and add jobs. This involves cutting red tape, addressing structural issues with an economy-wide impact (like the Port of Cape Town), and investment and tourism promotion.

This kind of ‘horizontal’ enablement empowers citizens and fosters independence, freedom, and self-reliance.

Through this approach, the Jobs for Growth Strategy will secure economic growth of between 4% and 6% each year, resulting in a trillion-rand provincial economy by 2035 and the creation of an estimated 800 000 new employment opportunities in the Western Cape.

And while there is still a lot of work to be done, we are working tirelessly to reduce unemployment.

The Western Cape has now recovered completely from the economic destruction of the pandemic, and we are laser-focused on sustaining this momentum going forward.

A vote for the DA is a vote for a government that prioritises job creation, and that will never stop fighting to create opportunities for all our residents.

* DA Western Cape Premier Candidate Alan Winde, Cape Town.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

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