Want a lucrative career in coding? Here is how you can start

Everyone may pursue a profession in coding, with training and planning. Picture: Pexels

Everyone may pursue a profession in coding, with training and planning. Picture: Pexels

Published Mar 1, 2024


Have you ever considered reinventing your professional story, regardless of the decisions you made when you were younger?

Many individuals feel that the decisions we make as teenagers influence our future. It is stated that the disciplines we chose in high school shape our university studies, employment opportunities, and, eventually, career paths.

However, this is no longer necessary.

Mvelo Hlophe, the chief executive of the online coding school company Zaio, believes that everyone may pursue a profession in coding.

“Entering the rewarding field of computer programming is not determined by the subjects studied in school or the degree you obtained from university or college. A quarter of coders are self-taught, earning comparable, and sometimes even higher salaries than their formally educated counterparts,” says Hlophe.

Here are some steps you need to take on your journey, according to the expert:

Clarify your objective

Define your reasons for learning to code. Are you looking for a side hustle, a career move, or just a hobby?

Enrol in an online course at a reputable institution

Choose a good coding course, join up, and follow it through to completion. Take advantage of the organised learning environment to lay a strong foundation.

Engage with the developer community

Interact with other developers on sites such as Discord to broaden your network, ask for advice, and keep informed about industry trends and possibilities.

Apply your knowledge

Whether you’re looking for a different professional route, starting a side project, or incorporating your newfound talents into a personal pastime, make the effort to apply what you have learned in real-world circumstances.

This hands-on experience will strengthen your comprehension and demonstrate your skills to future employers or colleagues.

In-demand industries and programming languages

The most profitable industries for developers right now include cloud computing, financial technology (FinTech), healthcare technology, and e-commerce.

“In 2023, JavaScript stood out as the highest paid programming language, commonly used for iOS and macOS app development. Despite its rarity and declining job listings, the competition for Swift roles remains fierce. For less competitive options, Python remains one of the most in-demand languages, while HTML/CSS offers the highest number of job opportunities among programming languages,” says Hlophe.