Jump start your career with distance learning

Distance learning offers a range of benefits including greater flexibility and freedom of choice. Photo: Supplied

Distance learning offers a range of benefits including greater flexibility and freedom of choice. Photo: Supplied

Published Sep 14, 2023


Gugulethu Shinga

Attending on-site lectures while following a strict timetable is not the only way to get a tertiary qualification – and it may not be the quickest way to get you skilled for the career you want either.

Chariska Knoetze, Stadio’s executive head of distance learning, says that while distance learning has been around for decades, recent developments in technology coupled with rapid digitalisation in the wake of Covid-19 have seen it evolve dramatically in the last few years.

As one of Africa’s leading distance learning institutions, Stadio Higher Education has developed and refined its distance learning platform to suit the needs of students who prefer this learning mode.

Knoetze believes that distance learning is an important option to consider as it offers a range of benefits, including:

Home comforts

There are no on-campus classes to attend when you study via distance learning. This means that all learning and studying takes place at home, which allows you to choose when you want to study and create a schedule that suits your specific routine.

Special needs

Distance learning accommodates students with physical disabilities who face challenges with commuting and moving from class-to-class. Many distance learning institutions also have individualised and self-paced learning processes that accommodate students with learning differences.


Distance learning allows you to learn when it's convenient for you, so you can fit your educational goals into your schedule. This is ideal for those who are already working professionals, or who are looking to study part-time around existing family or other commitments.


Distance learning can be a more affordable study option as it enables you to save on transport and related costs.

Distance learning is also a cost-effective option for those living in remote areas, who would otherwise struggle to attend physical classes regularly.

Freedom of choice

Distance learning gives you the opportunity to select a course from a wide range of reputable tertiary institutions across South Africa and beyond. You have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life (even more so than in a contact learning setting) - broadening your perspective.

Work opportunities

Work experience is vital when you enter the job market. Distance learning enables you to study while working part-time to gain relevant on-the-job training and experience. In addition to giving you a head-start on your career, it will also allow you to earn money while you complete your studies.

Work-ready skills

The evolving dynamics of the workplace mean that employees need to be self-motivated, committed, adaptable, and disciplined about how they manage their time and duties. These are the very same “soft” skills that distance learning can help you develop and master.

Networking opportunities

Another advantage of distance learning is it opens up a world beyond the typical classroom. Through distance learning, students can network and engage with experts and teachers in their field of interest, as well as with peers who share their professional goals.