Benefits of temporary employment services

Advancements in technology have now made it easier to access flexible and on-demand work opportunities. Photo: Freepik

Advancements in technology have now made it easier to access flexible and on-demand work opportunities. Photo: Freepik

Published Sep 12, 2023


Quintus Sliep

Temporary Employment Services (TES) providers offer a multitude of benefits for employees and employers alike. From an employee's perspective, TES gives individuals the advantages of flexibility, greater career advancement opportunities, the ability to engage in short-term commitments, as well as the opportunity to earn an income when permanent employment is not an option.

This kind of employment structure suits those who prefer to work on a project-by-project basis; giving them the chance to improve their skills through experience and increased exposure to a variety of working environments.

For companies, making use of a TES provider has its advantages. Businesses can leverage specialised recruitment capabilities and meet workforce requirements in a manner that externalises the traditional administrative burdens; while benefiting from scalability and cost savings in comparison to permanent hires.

Changing workforce

From a job seeker’s perspective, the workplace itself is changing - and business leaders need to adapt their mindsets and operational models to keep up. A new generation is entering the job market, and they are more inclined to seek out work on a project or temporary basis. This gives them the flexibility to take on different assignments while gaining experience across sectors and industries, which can be instrumental in shaping their chosen career development path.

Individual flexibility

At a personal level, living through the Covid-19 brought about a change in mindset for many.

People re-examined their priorities and decided to hold onto the flexibility and autonomy gained from working remotely, and resigned from permanent employment in favour of joining the gig economy.

Advancements in technology have now made it easier to access flexible and on-demand work opportunities, which can be of benefit to both individuals and companies. Here, a TES provider is geared to attract and work closely with these kinds of individuals, offering them access to an extensive client base that shares their focus on temporary or project work.

Career growth avenues

A TES provider offers individuals a diverse range of opportunities that they may not discover on their own. With access to various clients and industries, you gain exposure to different personalities, leadership styles, management practices, processes and office cultures. This broad exposure enhances your skill set, allowing you to apply best practices and contribute to employers. Having this kind of work experience makes you more marketable, as it enables you to bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the table.

Supporting flexibility

Individuals who prioritise flexibility in their work-life balance or are uncertain about their career path can greatly benefit from gaining short-term experience in a particular field before making a long-term commitment. Those who desire fewer limitations on their work style, including the freedom to choose their working hours and location, will find TES providers to be an ideal fit. By aligning with a TES provider, individuals can effectively support their preferred work approach without compromising on achieving their desired outcomes or chosen lifestyle.

  • Quintus Sliep is Managing Director at Worldwide Staffing