ProfileData – delivering customised financial solutions incorporating live data feeds

Ernie Alexander, Chairman of the Profile Group. Photo: Supplied

Ernie Alexander, Chairman of the Profile Group. Photo: Supplied

Published Apr 20, 2023


ProfileData takes pride in being a leading South African financial data feed solutions provider. “Our specialised local research teams, together with our relationships with international exchanges and data providers, allow you access to a wide range of data options for both in-house needs and for on-distribution to your customer base,” says Ernie Alexander, Chairman of the Profile Group.

Profile’s specialised team takes pride in building turnkey solutions that meet the specified needs of its customers at a defined cost, by using the clients own brand and look and feel in a seamless manner. Profile’s infrastructure allows cost-effective hosting and solutions management, reducing the need for expensive capital cost.

Profile Group’s websites, ShareData Online and FundsData Online, are an ideal shop window and contain most of the data elements that can be customised to suit the South African market needs. Profile’s model allows institutions the right to on-distribute the data to their users in a customised format.

Data is currently delivered to different clients in Access (mdb), XML, Oracle, CSV (delimited), JSON, TAB delimited and, in many cases, as fully articulated HTML pages suitable for use as iframes - allowing institutions the flexibility of building their own data models for internal and external research.

Profile’s services extend to building the financial toolkits investors want to use, as well as building bespoke website and hosting solutions.