Assupol Incub8: Empowering FSP businesses

Incub8 with Assupol empowers emerging and established businesses in the financial services sector.

Incub8 with Assupol empowers emerging and established businesses in the financial services sector.

Published Oct 27, 2023


Over the years, the insurance industry has proven to be difficult to enter, sustain and thrive in, especially for small to medium sized businesses in South Africa.

It is precisely for this reason that Assupol presents, Incub8 with Assupol, a groundbreaking business designed to transform and empower emerging and established businesses in the financial services sector, enabling them to have a macro impact in the insurance industry.

Incub8 with Assupol has a simple but impactful mission, to broaden access to the broader formal insurance market while driving the Assupol transformation agenda by selectively creating partnerships with businesses that operate in previously excluded markets. With Incub8’s unique value proposition, partners will gain a world of opportunities that will revolutionalise their businesses.

Incub8 with Assupol, through its Cell Captive platform, offers a comprehensive plug and play model, which provides its partners with full back-office support, allowing them to focus solely on their core business without the constant worry of administrative responsibilities.

Partners will benefit by leveraging of Assupol’s strong brand, giving their businesses immense credibility and recognition. Furthermore, Assupol through its wide infrastructure network provides these businesses with unparalleled exposure and reach.

Through Incub8 partners will have the opportunity to leverage Assupol's expertise and resources, gaining valuable insights and support to drive innovation and growth in their respective markets.

Partners can establish a ring-fenced insurance business and through Assupol excess efficiencies through lower administration costs and value sharing allows partners the latitude to assign more resources to what truly matters – serving their clients and growing their businesses.

Assupol’s commitment to innovation and affordability is another benefit that partners get to enjoy. Incub8 with Assupol provides innovative and affordable product solutions that can be customised to suit a partner’s business offering to better serve its clients.

By partnering with Incub8 with Assupol, emerging and established financial services businesses will be empowered through access to critical knowledge and skills, equipping them with the tools they need to excel and build capacity in the insurance industry.

Assupol is transforming the insurance landscape. If you are a small to medium sized financial services business with an ambition to grow and make a significant impact in the insurance industry then waste no time, partner with Incub8 with Assupol today.