Infrastructure development must remain unaffected by political transition – CESA

Chris Campbell is the CEO of Consulting Engineers South Africa. Photo: Supplied

Chris Campbell is the CEO of Consulting Engineers South Africa. Photo: Supplied

Published Apr 9, 2024


In the wake of the upcoming national elections in South Africa, Chris Campbell, CEO of Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA), said yesterday in a statement that it was critically important to ensure that infrastructure development and service delivery remains uninterrupted.

Campbell stressed that regardless of the political landscape, the nation’s progress and well-being depend on the continuous improvement and maintenance of its infrastructure.

“Infrastructure development and service delivery are the backbone of any thriving society,” Campbell said. “It impacts every facet of our lives — from transportation and communication to healthcare and education. As we approach the national elections, it is imperative that we prioritise the continuation of infrastructure projects to sustain the momentum of growth and development in South Africa,” he said.

Campbell acknowledged that periods of political transition can often lead to uncertainties and delays in infrastructure projects. But he emphasised that such transitions should not derail the progress already achieved in infrastructure development.

“Our message to the incoming government is clear: the well-being of our nation depends on the effective planning, execution, and maintenance of infrastructure projects. We cannot afford to let political transitions hinder our path towards a better future for all South Africans,” he said.